Mooses's History


shirley In 1957,a young football player took over his wife's family business, then called The Corral Bar. The early years were slow, and Moose and Shirley Miller decided a remodeling was in order. Not the usual "get fancy and keep up with the times" kind of a job, but a recreation of the early days in Montana. A 24-hour closure and the volunteer help of about twenty friends created an Old West look, complete with sawdust floors and a new name: "The Saloon."

shirleyThe evolution was from an after-work bar to the warm social atmosphere of an early-days meeting place for all to enjoy. The idea worked, and the people started coming in larger numbers every year. Moose became well known throughout northern Montana and western Canada.

As the legend grew, Governors, senators, corporate presidents, laborers, tradesmen and business people all came to call Moose's Saloon their place to meet and socialize. Evel Kneivel attributes the conception of his Snake Canyon jump to an evening with his friend "Good Time" Charlie Shelton at the Saloon. The basic philosophy of "everyone belongs" is still very much evident today.

kids2In the early 70's, Moose's started offering souveniers sold from the bar. That business grew steadily, to the degree that now it's been necessary to move everyting to the building next door to the bar. "Moostly Moose's" is The Saloon's own T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat and poster store. A variety of different designs are featured, available on a spectrum of different-colored T-shirts and sweatshirts. Hopefully, there is a design that appeals to you. Here's your chance to wear a piece of a Montana Legend!

Although we lost Moose to cancer in October of 1999, his spirit and philosophies lives on with his daughter Wallis.

-Thanks from Wallis

The Famous Moose's Saloon Kalispell Montana

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